Tried these for the first time today and they are Amazing! Had a box of 24 and can't stop walking by without eating just one more. These are a "must try" if you are in the area.
I did not have a good experience. The flavors on the menu were hard to read. The cashier must have been new because she couldn't answer all my questions. I wanted to sample each of the flavors for fun but the woman making them said that it would be too much work. I was told I could only choose three different flavors. I would have paid what ever it cost to try each of the flavors. When I got my order one of the flavors was wrong and I was told that I said the wrong thing. Which, I know I didn't say PB&J cause that was my least favorite flavor on the menu. She took them back, no apology and gave me the ones I wanted. The turtle was missing the caramel flavor. And the Nutella had strawberry sauce on it? It was very odd and tasting it again I realized that the strawberry sauce was spoiled! I went back to tell them. As I waited the cashier was eating french fries. Very unpleasant experience. I wouldn't try it again. From the photos that I had viewed online I was expecting more gourmet donuts but they were just mini donuts with a thin squirt bottle of sauces that weren't anything special at all.
Soooooooo yummy! And pretty cheap too, you gotta try it